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RDF24 Programme

To summarise, plenary sessions will include high profile stakeholders:

  1. Strengthening the public trust in research
  2. Strengthening pharma industry relationships
  3. The future of research regulation and standardisation
  4. The future of research workforce

Breakout session themes are:

  • Contracts
  • Diversity
  • Collaborations
  • ICS
  • Mobile Units
  • PPI
  • HRA Hot Topics
  • Finance
  • Non-acute
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Careers
  • Study setup
  • Increasing recruitment 
  • Feasibility

There is a full two days of content, conference dinner and awards, as well as two workshops on Sunday followed by networking.

There will also be a poster display throughout the main two days. This will be located on the Convention Floor alongside the exhibition.