A magic link is the special link that will allow Attendees and Exhibitors to access their account directly. There are 2 ways to receive the magic link:

  1. Via the invitation email from the Event Organizer

The Event Organizer will provide you with the first magic link which is attached to the invitation email. That link will last 48 hours only. Afterwards, the link will no longer be valid. When clicking on the link, you will be redirected to log in with your email and password (which has not yet been defined). If the 48 hour window has passed, please contact us here to fill out the form. Our team will then assist you in gaining access to your account.

2. Via Swapcard Support

If you have missed the window to use the magic link sent to you by the Organizer in the email and need to gain access to your account, please contact us here to fill out a form for us to assist you. The magic link that we provide via Swapcard Support lasts 1 hour only, rather than the initial 48 hours. If you missed the window, simply contact us again so that we can provide another for you.

Important: When you are accessing and using the magic link, ensure that you are opening it in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Copying and pasting the link from one browser to another will not work (ex. copy from Internet Explorer into Chrome). Ensure as well that you do not have any pop-up blockers activated. 

Once you have utilized the magic link, you can now login at any time via login.swapcard.comand enter your email address and password.